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What Does Crowley’s Defeat Tell Us?

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What Does Crowley’s Defeat Tell Us?

What Does Crowley’s Defeat Tell Us?
June 29
17:04 2018

In what is being described as a “stunning upset,” a member of the Democratic Party’s top leadership in the House and heir-apparent to the top post has been defeated in the New York primary election by a young political neophyte.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a 28-year-old Hispanic woman knocked off the hitherto powerful Congressman Joe Crowley, one of the old Irish bosses that are on the road to extinction. In terms of representation of the people in the district, Ocasio-Cortez represents a decided shift to the radical left. She has been an active member of the Democratic Socialists of America and a supporter of the presidential campaign of fellow socialist Bernie Sanders.

That is about as far as the facts take us. The meaning of that is in the eyes of the beholder. Those on the political left and their spokespersons in the liberal media see the election as a seismic change in the political foundations of the Democratic Party and of the nation. Of course, they do tend to see such things through a magnifying glass.

Although party leaders and the press paid zero attention to this race before the results were announced, they now see it as having great significance when filtered through their identity politics and political correctness screens. She is a young lady (the rise of the millennials) who has defeated one of those dreaded old white men. His Caucasian-ness is important because she is Hispanic. And even though he is a member in good standing of the progressive movement, he is not as far left as his opponent.

Like Bernie Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez wants free college tuition for all students, single-payer government-provided health insurance, and open borders – even to the point of disbanding the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency. Her election rachets the Democratic Party to the left a few clicks.

In many ways, Ocasio-Cortez’s victory was less of an upset than a surprise to those who were not paying attention. Crowley was elected as the suitable representative of a largely white district with strong Irish influence. Some referred to it as an “Archer Bunker district” – a derogatory allusion to an ignorant and intolerant television character. Setting aside the obvious political slander in the comparison, it is significant to note that the district that elected Ocasio-Cortez is now more than 70 percent Hispanic. That alone should have forewarned of Crowley’s eventual political demise.

Crowley might have retained his seat had he not greased the skids of his defeat by assuming this would be yet another year that he could lay back and win – as he had done many times before. He sent surrogates to participate in debates. He spent a lot of money on media, but was harder to find in the district than the elusive Wally of cartoon fame.

While progressive Democrats are celebrating the victory and exaggerating its importance, there is another fact that should send chills of fear up their left-crooked spines. Turn out. While Ocasio-Cortez won by a comfortable percentage, the turnout was very low.

Even so, the liberal analysts say that the far-left progressive base was more energized than the moderately left progressive base.

Remember, this is New York City and a district that has as close to zero Republican or conservative constituents as any district in America. This was not a conflict between right and left.

What the radical left is celebrating may be a contribution to the Democratic Party’s further fall from grace. The policies of the left, which are now the platform of the Democratic Party, have been repudiated by the American public for almost a decade. Many leaders in the Party believe that the only way to restore relevancy is for the Party to move toward the Center. But, they cannot seem to find the necessary support to reclaim their Party from what is increasingly a far-left socialist leadership.

One election night analyst said that the Ocasio-Cortez victory means that Republicans are the party of Donald Trump and the Democrats are the party of Bernie Sanders. One can take that as an overstatement, but there is some truth in it. And based on the mood of the electorate across the country, and the fact that Sanders has never been nationally road-tested outside of the Democratic Party primaries, I might prefer to be the party of Donald Trump – warts and all.

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Larry Horist

Larry Horist

Larry Horist is a conservative activist with an extensive background in economics, public policy and politics. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman, as well as the White House. He has testified as an expert witness before legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress, and lectured at major colleges and universities. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He can be reached at lph@thomasandjoyce.com.

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  1. FDR II
    FDR II July 02, 17:05

    First, saying Cortez (or any Democrat) is for open borders is a lie. We want the Gestapo tactics of ICE eliminated, perhaps with a better disciplined other agency. As for the win, Dems know that Cortez’s Hispanic heritage was a big factor, but so was her Sanders-inspired program, and that does translate to addressing the kitchen table concerns of working families nationally. What family does not want lower cost health care, state-paid college and a guaranteed job? Turnout is no issue. It’s always low in these local races, and the NY Dem machine set things up so only the “party faithful” would show up,and Crowley got those. But it was new voters who gave her the win. Cortez’s strategy, customized for other constituencies, will be a winner in 2018.

    Reply to this comment
    • Jb
      Jb July 02, 21:21

      I actually saw a clip on the NYC Protests and open borders and the elimination of ICE in general was certainly pitched by one of the speakers. Wake up and discover what your party is moving to. Its going to bankrupt this country and remove order from its foundation.

      Reply to this comment
      • FDR II
        FDR II July 04, 16:33

        Don’t attribute the words of a few outlier speakers to the Party’s official stance, which is what I outlined. History shows that every bit of progress in this country, including your social security and medicare, came from the Democrats. Stupid wars and crashes came from the GOP. Your crowd of old white men is having a last hurrah. Enjoy it while it lasts, because it won’t, starting November 6.

        Reply to this comment
  2. Hawkeye
    Hawkeye July 11, 07:41

    You haven’t been reading your history book. The most destructive wars have not come from the GOP, but from the Democrats.
    They started the Civil War which killed a tremendous number of young men in this country
    because the Republicans were taking their slaves from them.
    They were in office for WWII, and took us into that war. JFK put us into Viet Nam. As I remember it, he was also a member of the Democratic Party.
    Granted, due to false “intelligence” from our CIA,
    and British “Intelligence” telling him that Saddam had WMD’s, Bush took us into the war in Iraq, so that one is on the Republicans.
    The Democrats also formed the KKK. Look up your history, and smell your Democratic roots.

    Reply to this comment
  3. Hunter Lino
    Hunter Lino August 30, 15:19

    Thanks for sharing this information.have shared this link with others keep posting such information..

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  4. dick
    dick May 01, 01:08

    Its a shame that Joe Crowley didn,t take this bimbo seriously. Joe as everyone else thought AOC was laughable and did not stand a chance of winning the election so there was no need to campaign against this vegetable. Now that this bimbo and the camel jockeys and rag heads got into office we have learned a valuable lesson. We as a nation must take these clowns seriously and get them out of our government before they do some real damage. I think the worst offender is that Rag head Talib. I thought it interesting that she surrounded herself with the trash people when she called our president a mother fu—r that really showed that she was and is a classless excuse for a human. I thought motherf—er might have been part of a muslim prayer but could not find this to be true.

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