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Jennifer Rubin: MSNBC’s Fake Conservative

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Jennifer Rubin: MSNBC’s Fake Conservative

Jennifer Rubin: MSNBC’s Fake Conservative
June 14
13:34 2018

I have read a number of Jennifer Rubin’s opinion articles for the Washington Post.  I have seen several of her appearances as a contributor, mostly on MSNBC.  I have always considered her the personification of the snobby and bubble encased #NeverTrump journalist. 

To get a sense of her perspective, here is the lead paragraph from a recent editorial.

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“After President Trump’s atrocious and irrational behavior leading up to and at the Group of Seven summit, the disintegration of the liberal world order in place since the end of World War II and the potential for a serious international crisis no longer seem hard to imagine. The president, unmoved by history, ignorant of facts and guided by sycophants, has not been forced to grapple with the real world nor to hear views that don’t coincide with his twisted worldview, in which allies are ripping us off and aggressive strongmen are to be admired and accommodated.”

This is neither atypical nor even her harshest attack on President Trump.  In her appearances on such shows as Lawrence O’Donnell’s “Last Word,” she pleases her host – and earns her invitations – by parroting what can only be described as the hyper-hyperbolic narrative of O’Donnell and his producers.  She offers almost no new information or difference in perspective – but rather parrots screeds that fall on my ears like the sound effects for Godzilla.

All this might be expected from a Washington Post person who was educated at Berkley and who spent a couple decades as a labor lawyer for Hollywood studios.  (Hmmm.  I wonder if she had dealings with Harvey Weinstein?)

Despite her abiding disdain for Donald Trump and all the Republicans and conservatives who support him, she is billed as the conservative voice within the suffocating liberal environment of the Washington Post.  Her bio-line reads: “Jennifer Rubin writes the Right Turn blog for The Washington Post, offering reported opinion from a center-right perspective.”  Really?

Surprisingly, Rubin has some history to support that claim.  She spent time writing for Human Events and The Weekly Standard – the latter publication headed by another conservative Trump basher.  Her credits also include Commentary Magazine and Salon.

She still considers herself a conservative, although not partisan.  Maybe she can peddle that malarkey at the uber liberal Washington Post, but no committed conservative would buy it.  She not only has a visceral hatred for Trump but has abandoned virtually all conservative principles as far as I can tell from her writings and airtime.

Maybe there was a time she carried the conservative standard, but that time is gone.  Her bosses at the newspaper should really end the false advertising and admit that Rubin is just another liberal scribe working for the Post.  Even better, they could hire at least one writer who can actually articulate a legitimate alternative view point.  That is what they do in real journalism.

POSTSCRIPT:  I selected the photo topping the column because I thought there may be a subliminal message about Rubin in the writing on the wall behind her – “truth, no,” “bad” and “dangerous.”

About Author

Larry Horist

Larry Horist

Larry Horist is a conservative activist with an extensive background in economics, public policy and politics. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman, as well as the White House. He has testified as an expert witness before legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress, and lectured at major colleges and universities. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He can be reached at lph@thomasandjoyce.com.

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  1. mike
    mike June 15, 16:27

    you are all fucking blind to the simple fact t5hat Trump is the single most dishonest, poorly informed and corrupt president in the history of America!

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  2. FDR II
    FDR II June 15, 16:42

    Rubin was considered a true conservative until Trump came along. She, Steve Schmidt, Bill Kristol, et al are the folks who carried the right wing banner to victory time and again, and now suddenly, they’ve turned traitor? Nope, it’s because Trump IS irrational, ignorant, and prone to atrocious behavior. It is what it is, That’s how Rubin calls it, and props to her for doing so.

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    • yabadabadoo
      yabadabadoo June 15, 16:48

      FDR , I couldn’t agree more. To the cultist sycophants if a repub doesn’t fall 100% in line and praise and laud the buffoon on every reprehensible thing he says or does they are a traitor. I stand with those you mentioned and others who haven’t abandoned principles and speak out

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    • Bob
      Bob June 15, 17:03

      The people you have named dont carry the banner for all conservatives, maybe republicans, but not true conservatives. You are truly out of touch. If you ignore the state of the economy now, and it’s not because of anything Obama did, you are lost. If you think we should continue to pay one-sided tariffs to the rest of the world, you are lost. If you don’t think we should ask the rest of nato to pony up their fair share to protect themselves, you are lost. Why is it Obama goes to the Castro brothers who are butchers and he is heralded a hero for finally communicating with them and Trump goes to talk to North Korea and the media says he’s flirting with disaster? The media is full of double standards every day. If you don’t see it, you are lost.

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    • Bren
      Bren June 15, 17:05

      I wholeheartedly agree with you FDR II. Jennifer, et al are only stating the facts, something Trump and his minions have no familiarity with! More so-called conservatives and Republicans need to follow their lead; we’d be a much better country if they woke up to Trump’s devastation!!!

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    • not a idiot democrat
      not a idiot democrat June 15, 19:32

      Are you kidding? Rubin was never seen as a conservative by anyone but the idiot left wing. By the way you guys never said anything positive about the talks with North Korea. But your frighted little puppet the last few years ignored everything and did nothing about N Korea. This is just the idiot left trying to cover up the real work trump has done and still cover what a loser obama was.

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    • Diane
      Diane June 15, 21:41

      Very well said. Trump is the problem; not Rubin and Schmidt.

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  3. DavWms
    DavWms June 19, 18:57

    So many have no idea that they went thru schools that had been loaded with Soros’ types. Their agenda was to bring up the bad, downplay the good of America. In this, to learn to be selectively blind in attempting logic. The problem is, being selectively blind also blinds them to being blind. Catch 22.

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