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The Diversity Double Standard

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The Diversity Double Standard

The Diversity Double Standard
May 27
17:17 2018

Often I find myself pondering a simple question: why is it only seen as a positive thing for European and North American nations to cede their own identities and cultures to the identities and cultures coming from those immigrating from other countries? Loving and wishing to maintain one’s own culture should not be misconstrued with hate – as it’s quite the opposite.

If you’re the least bit honest with yourself, you can see a glaring double standard regarding this issue that you had better not bring to light by speaking about it above your breath. Doing so will inevitably lead to you being labeled a collection of names purposefully crafted and used to assassinate your character, destroy your employment prospects or cause you to lose any currently held jobs you may have. This, without a doubt, is reminiscent of political practices carried out by burgeoning authoritarian regimes of the past.

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So, what is this nefarious and glaring double standard that has been imposed? Simply put, any nation-state made up of majority ethnic Europeans that would like to maintain its demographics is deemed utterly immoral – reminiscent of Nazi Germany. Meanwhile, it’s perfectly okay for non-European nation states to have laws in place designed to maintain and protect the demographic majority status of whichever majority ethnic group is in question. Many non-white nation states have this type of legislation in place. Can you imagine if the United States or some other country primarily comprised of ethnic Europeans decided that their countries were no longer up for grabs? The globalist press would cry out that the Nazis have returned.

It certainly seems as though some globalist technocrat, without any of our knowledge, decided ethnic Europeans simply are no longer allowed to have the right to have a demographic super-majority within their own nation-states – and therefore may not have the right to self-determination.

According to the far-left neoliberal order in America, the underlying notion of ‘diversity’ means only one thing- fewer European Americans across all sectors of society. That means fewer European American doctors, lawyers, teachers, bankers, business owners, professors, computer scientists, engineers, undergraduate university students, post-graduate university students – and the list goes on and on.

But are societies like Israel, India, Japan, Korea, Brazil, Mexico and others ready and willing to allow massive numbers of immigrants from all over the world (mainly the 3rd world) to enter their countries? Where is the media attention on them for not letting outsiders use their social services and welfare benefits (often without contributing anything to the system which allows for those services and benefits)? Where is the fuss about those countries refusing to let foreigners replace the native population in coveted, high paying career positions? You won’t hear a peep.

Modern leftists and neo-liberals are always pretending to hold the concept of ‘diversity’ in the highest regard, but it is clear to anyone watching that they actually couldn’t give a damn about it. If they were honest, which they’re not, they would express that what they actually seek to build is a uni-polar world – devoid of any distinct cultures, religion or ethnicity (the exact antithesis of diversity). Furthermore, they express the need for a global society where all peoples and nations of the earth are united under a single banner government, with a single global currency and world army. The pretext for this extreme power grab, in which all of the worst authoritarian dictators have dreamed of, would be to ensure world peace, economic stability and free movement of the world’s peoples. This is called the ol’ bait and switch.

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  1. Elder
    Elder May 29, 11:25

    If there was info on author Robert Snapp I was unable to find it; therefore, I will give you my comments concerning his article The Diversity Double Standard.
    The issue which neither he nor you seem unable to confront is that the Western male has been neutered and his authority has been replaced by what Snapp describes as a uni-polar world devoid of any distinct religion, culture, or ethnicity. This trend has been developing for about a century. If you don’t address the cause you will never find the solution.
    Elder George

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  2. Richard Sutherland, J.D.
    Richard Sutherland, J.D. May 29, 13:53

    The points made have some merit. Clearly political Islam is not compatible with Western Democratic principles. Liberals promote a meritocracy where everyone has a chance to develop to one’s full potential. The idea of a one-world government only exists among the Muslims, who want to establish a one-world caliphate. Part of the problem is that anyone who raises any issue about political Islam and its agenda is immediately branded as an Islamophobe.

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    • MR
      MR May 29, 23:16

      What concerns me is that Islam, which is NOT a religion, says in their Koran to “to Kill all infidels”. WE are the infidels and by the time the shit hits the fan, it will be to late, they will have taken over by all of our political correctness. If people want to come to this country to build a better life, WHY do they want to change our culture after they get here to make it like the culture where they came from. It boggles the mind.

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      • JudyB
        JudyB June 01, 14:20

        Such a good comment!!! Supposedly people who come here want to better themselves, but it shouldn’t be at huge expense of our welfare systems, while refusing to respect or integrate in any way into American culture.

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  3. Stormy
    Stormy May 29, 14:18

    More Russian hot air for the gullible and the ax grinders ; everybody is corrupt except Trump ; once you believe that they got you and you eat this stuff up so you can feel good about backing who you know to be a con man a a Yankee carpetagger

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    • Tommy
      Tommy May 29, 15:28

      Keep watching MSNBC, slogan shouter. They’ll tell you what to think. Nice talking points. How does this have anything to do with Russians, you absolute fool?

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  4. R. P. Beck
    R. P. Beck May 29, 15:36

    RE Richard Sutherland’s comments: we are a free speech society so those branding us can label us any way they wish. Name calling is so common now but is\not material to what we believe and live. Those who are politically correct and live by that code and enforce it are the Big Lie. All those who are reaching out with concern support, love, assistance…those who want to live together….those are the ones that need to speak up and contact Members of Congress and be proactive. Those are the people who are now and always have made America great!

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  5. Hilary G
    Hilary G June 01, 14:33

    We don’t need Russian infiltration we have the liberal Democrats!!!

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  6. Hilary G
    Hilary G June 01, 14:39

    The Liberals who are so pro “illegal immigrants” should have a section on their tax returns where by they have to contribute excess amounts to supplement for the expenditures for ALL social services that support the immigrants.

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    • Marine06
      Marine06 April 09, 02:44

      Liberals should be required to house illegal immigrants and feed them. How many can you take? I think my sister can house 6-8. 😂

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