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MSNBC Anchors Become Unhinged at Royal Wedding

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MSNBC Anchors Become Unhinged at Royal Wedding

MSNBC Anchors Become Unhinged at Royal Wedding
May 22
15:27 2018

Not long ago, MSNBC made much ado about a leaked private conversation in which White House Chief-of-Staff John Kelly said that women were more emotional than men. The station hosts – one show after another throughout the day — severely condemned the remark as sexist despite the fact that virtually every medical and psychological study has said as much.

But you do not have to go to the medical journals to find validation of Kelly’s comment. The evidence was on full display at the royal wedding – specifically the on-air performances of MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle and Katy Tur. Contrary to their claw-bearing strident anti-Trump/anti-Republican demeanor during regular programming, the two melted into over-the-top childish giddiness as the carriage bearing Prince Harry and his new bride, Megan Markel, approached their vantage point.

As the carriage moved nearer to them, they began waving and jumping up and down, screaming out, “Megan, Megan, we love you, Megan.” As the newly minted Duchess of Sussex appeared to look in their direction and wave, the deranged duo yelled out, “She sees us!” Ruhle proceeded to jump up and down like a jackhammer on a New York Street. As the royal carriage passed, Ruhle and Tur were left breathlessly clinging to each other.

This pre-pubescent display of emotion was so unprofessional that when I searched for videos, I noticed that they all seem to have been edited by MSNBC to remove the peak of Ruhle’s emotional outburst. The most common social media comment was that the ladies “lost it,” with PCIntern saying,“I haven’t seen this kind of screaming adulation since 1964 and the Beatles.”

Not since Howard Dean doomed his presidential campaign with that now famous scream after coming in third in the Iowa primary have we witnessed a more professional credibility destroying exhibition of excessive emotional exuberance than Ruhle and Tur displayed at that moment. And over what? Mankind landing on the moon? Nuclear weapons being hauled out of North Korea? A multi-nation peace treaty in the Middle East? The Yankees winning another World Series? Nope! This pee-in-the-panties performance was over getting a glimpse of the newly minted Duchess of Sussex and then screaming to get her attention in one of the more bizarre incidents in cable news history.

Can those who have witnessed the Ruhle/Tur reaction ever again be able to watch them on the small screen and take them as credible sources for intellectual analysis of current events – referring to those who may have hitherto seen them as credible, of course. Ruhle and Tur now join Brian Williams, who was demoted to MSNBC by the parent NBC for making up news stories, as MSNBC anchors whose every word will be forever tested against past behavior.

About Author

Larry Horist

Larry Horist

Larry Horist is a conservative activist with an extensive background in economics, public policy and politics. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman, as well as the White House. He has testified as an expert witness before legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress, and lectured at major colleges and universities. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He can be reached at lph@thomasandjoyce.com.

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  1. Tinkerbellisima
    Tinkerbellisima May 23, 08:20

    Funny that the writer takes such sledge hammer attitude to the two ladies, but does not seem to care much about the rants of misspelled angry libelous comments created on a DAILY basis by Dishonest Donald!!

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  2. not fan of Dimwitpolitics
    not fan of Dimwitpolitics May 23, 09:56

    Women are more emotional than men?
    Depends on the emotion!
    This study (see abstract at https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22468881) concludes women feel more guilt and shame in specific situations relating to self but overall wrong.
    The same statement says men feel more pride.
    But, those findings only held in very specific findings and “These findings contribute to the literature demonstrating that blanket sterotypes about women’s greater emotionality are inaccurate.”

    Does this mean that in the specific findings that women have more ethics and understand the concepts of shame and guilt? Or, that mean have an overinflated ego?

    I doubt my leap to such a conclusion is accurate. You state psychology …In my view this is on of the weakest scinces to base such an outrageous statement on. I still respect this area but lost a huge amount for it after I had a wreck and found out psychological test are considered intellectual property instead of regulated by the FDA as a medical device. The FDA should regulate them becasue they are used to diagnose and treat disease in man and anmials.

    This means no one is verifying their data to the degree drug companies are held accountable. If you look up a number of studies you will find there is a mega problem of the “Fudge Factor.” Drug companiees must do post marketing but no one follows these test with an independent system like the FDA.

    A self regulated industry can hide a lot of issues. The FDA was under fire in the 80;s and paid by sending the hire ranks…to jail. Now the FDA is out in the open. You want us to take the word of a self regulated industry.

    Besides a half dozen studies will say one thing and the others will say another.

    Like the drug problem we have today. Too many want to blame the drug companies but the truth is what was being taught in the 80’s and on up past the turn of the century was that if a person is in pain they can’t become addicted. Look and you will find info that truthfully admits those that paid for their studies gave them a chance to take another view of addiction.

    I don’t know what was said in private. I tend to be conservative in my views and agree with Trump often.

    But, your statements here make me want to never admit I had any connection to such people. I thought men in this realm were smarter than to make blatent idiotic statements without even looking up a few facts.

    I am opting out of any further emails are subscriptions from this newsletter.

    Dimwit Politics? It describes those writing the articles? Come on people look better than this. I am used to it from CNN and most of the news channels that slant news and report opinion but this?

    I wonder where to turn to get political insights.

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  3. FDR II
    FDR II May 23, 10:28

    Oh, come on, Horist. There’s a fairy tale and princess thing in little girls everywhere, and Ruhe and Tur were just expressing it for a few moments, just like millions do whenever they buy the National Enquirer, which lives on stories about the Royals. Big f’inn deal! That’s not going to impact their professionalism in reporting the fall of the Mad King we have. Don’t be such an ogre!

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    • gretagarbo
      gretagarbo May 23, 12:57

      Just a typical lib defending other over emotional libs. How shallow and silly they are. It’s one thing to admire someone, but for grown women to act like this? Typical MSNBC people.

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  4. Joan
    Joan May 23, 12:03

    I don’t watch anything English. When Ireland was starving and Native Americans sent food the English would not give it to the Irish. They have subjugated people all over the world.

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