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The Gospel of Love For MS-13 According to Reverend O’Donnell

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The Gospel of Love For MS-13 According to Reverend O’Donnell

The Gospel of Love For MS-13 According to Reverend O’Donnell
May 21
14:40 2018

For a few months, MSNBC has been rolling out a coordinated strategy – meaning it plays out throughout the full programming schedule – to try to disconnect President Trump from his supporters. Each show questions the very morality of anyone who refuses to join their #NeverTrump resistance movement. Though Hillary Clinton got backlash for calling millions of Americans a “basket of deplorables,” it is clear that the arrogant and elitist political left running MSNBC believes we are.

The attempts to use shame and intimidation is not some organic response, but a calculated strategy that comes from the very top management of MSNBC. Behind those on-screen personalities verbalizing the campaign to shame are the researchers and producers commissioned to create (spin) specious negative narratives on continuous loop.

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The most recent example is so preposterously arrogant that it could only be handled by MSNBC’s preposterously arrogant Lawrence O’Donnell. In it, O’Donnell stretches credulity to the point of comedy – political satire. It is an offering that might be more appropriately found on Saturday Night Live or printed in The Onion.

Stylistically, O’Donnell has the habit of emphasizing almost every word in a sentence in an effort to pump them with an air of sincerity and credibility that is so woefully lacking in the words alone.

In his recent (unfortunately not) Final Word segment, O’Donnell, in an act of self-ordination, proposed to separate the Christian community from Trump. His admonition to Christians is that you cannot be a believer in Christ and a supporter of Donald Trump at the same time. This was not by implication, the right Reverend O’Donnell said as much.

Staring squarely into the camera to achieve a sense of individual electronic eye contact and presuming to speak for Jesus, O’Donnell used his best matchbook-style minister impersonation to say, “No one would condemn Donald Trump for calling people animals more than Jesus Christ.” He went so far as to say that “no country has made more of a mockery of (Christianity) than the United States of America has.” He must be referring to us “deplorables” again.

He even took to waving the Bible across the screen in the tradition of a televangelist. In this one segment, he may well have invoked the name of Jesus Christ more times than he had ever summoned the savior during his entire career on television.

So, what moral transgressions did O’Donnell cite in his sermon to warrant a mass Christian desertion of Trump? Was it his lack of marital fidelity? His playboy tendencies? His lies? Not at all. And this is where the satire reaches its peaks.

O’Donnell called out Trump for referring to members of the brutal MS-13 gang as “animals.” You cannot make this stuff up. O’Donnell took on the unlikely role as spokesperson for Jesus to say that all humans are creatures of God and imbued with an internal divinity. That may be true, but Jesus also spoke of the damning quality of sin and the justification of punishment. And with eternal damnation, it can be said that no one is more severe in judgment of sinners than God.

O’Donnell seems to have lost his ability to understand a metaphor. It is common in our culture to refer to individuals whose actions are heinous and inhumane as “animals.” Trump was referring to pathological people devoid of any human traits of love, compassion and nobility. They torture and murder in the most gruesome ways merely for the fun of it. They truly act more like rabid animals than humans.

As if O’Donnell’s beatification of people who decapitate innocent people and roll their heads across a dance floor like bowling balls as a means of intimidation is not bad enough, he makes a totally irrational connection to the lynching of blacks in the old south – showing graphic images of bodies hanging from trees surround by mobs of onlookers.

Ignorant of history and devoid of common sense, O’Donnell claims that those long-ago crimes against humanity were the result of people viewing blacks as animals – a tortured comparison that lacks an iota of relevancy. He then connects those people to supporters of Trump – a “basket of deplorables” by implication. As is always the case with propagandists like O’Donnell, he fails to mention that the gatherings in the old photographs and the lynchings, themselves, were the work of the ruling Democratic Party. The oppressors did not see blacks as animals in the literal sense, but as humans whose exercise of constitutional rights would threaten the power structure.

If I were to take up the rhetorical rubbish approach of O’Donnell, I would use my commentary to make comparisons between him and Joseph Goebbels, Adolph Hitler’s chief propagandist. And while the comparison might be a bit beyond the pale, a better case could be made for O’Donnell-as-Goebbels than his convoluted comparison of Trump supporters to the terrorist Democratic Party of old Dixie. It is no small irony that O’Donnell’s condemnation of the historic inhumane activities of his own political party should come as part of an attempt to cleanse the animalistic behavior of MS-13. O’Donnell’s comparison would have been more logical if he had pleaded for God’s mercy for members of the Ku Klux Klan.

But wait! It gets worse. O’Donnell predicted that sometime in the distant future, the people will look back on Trump’s and his supporters calling MS-13 members “animals” in the same way we now look back on the Democrats’ 100-year reign of terror. He really said that. He created a parity between the innocent black victims in the days of segregation with members of the most vicious and lethal gang outside of the Middle East. O’Donnell, for reasons beyond comprehension, failed to comprehend the difference between victims and perpetrators.

In summarizing his jaded epistle of ignorance, O’Donnell said:

“You Christian followers of Donald Trump have a choice tonight between the words of Donald Trump and the words of Jesus Christ because no matter how hard you try on this one – no matter how much you torture yourself to try to rationalize and manipulate Donald Trump’s words – you CANNOT manipulate the words of Jesus Christ (at this point he lifts the Bible) in the New Testament. And on this one it is ABSOLUTELY NOT POSSIBLE to believe the words of Donald Trump and the words of Jesus Christ.”

No definition of gall, arrogance, conceit, chutzpah, pomposity, hubris, audacity, pretension or superciliousness can sufficiently define the odious and sanctimonious pontifications of Lawrence O’Donnell – and this one is a prize winner.

Perhaps, this media demagogue should have recalled one of the Bible’s most profound admonitions – not to judge lest you be judged.

About Author

Larry Horist

Larry Horist

Larry Horist is a conservative activist with an extensive background in economics, public policy and politics. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman, as well as the White House. He has testified as an expert witness before legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress, and lectured at major colleges and universities. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He can be reached at lph@thomasandjoyce.com.

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  1. haby
    haby May 21, 17:50

    We need a president like Obama smart onest not a corrupt pretend to be a president he cares just about himself and money he don’t care about the american people you or me .is an a shame to the country and to the world to the a greedy as a president of the USA how low can we go he is destroying this country and the democraci

    Reply to this comment
    • Jimmy Peterman
      Jimmy Peterman April 27, 20:27

      Right,President Obama is as honest as the president who said you could keep your doctor and health care plan. Oh,wait my bad.

      Reply to this comment
  2. Daniel
    Daniel May 22, 11:53

    Do I support Pres. Trump or do I support Congress, The United States Supreme Court,and the liberals and their anything goes life style. As a Christian, it’s no contest.Trump is the clear choice.All the rest of these people have ruined this country.

    Reply to this comment
  3. Arl
    Arl May 22, 12:16

    You’re right…let’s not call them animals. It’s an insult to animals! Animals don’t even act like that! Let them go live with these morons that are defending them, or have them attack one of their family member, or loved one, and then see what they call them! Animals would be too nice of a description!

    Reply to this comment
  4. dpk54
    dpk54 May 22, 13:13

    O’Donnell, you truly are a class A IDIOT!!! It will be a cold day in Hell before most of us would ever want ANYTHING to do with MS-13!!! You do realize those people wouldn’t think twice about KILLING you or any member of your family, right?? They are thugs..calling them animals shames the animal kingdom!! I wouldn’t give any of them air if they were in a jug!!!! As for you, O’Donnell, well, I guess there really is no fix for stupid, and in your case, no fix for ignorant, either!!!

    Reply to this comment
  5. Marianne
    Marianne July 20, 20:07

    trump wasn’t referring to MS13 as animals, he referred ALL immigrants.
    He needs a lesson in articulation.

    Reply to this comment
  6. LGNRA
    LGNRA October 22, 19:17

    Better late than never.
    Reverend O’Donnell, if I might take someone else’s words, should read what he was holding. In the Book of Proverbs 8;12 to 17. “By me kings reigns” plus more. Who is talking? WISDOM. So President Trump has wisdom. Of course the old computer terminology “GARBAGE IN GARBAGE OUT.” iF the “Rev” takes garbage in, what then can we expect?

    Reply to this comment

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