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Why was it necessary to create the Boy/Girl Scouts of America?

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Why was it necessary to create the Boy/Girl Scouts of America?

Why was it necessary to create the Boy/Girl Scouts of America?
May 11
16:07 2018

The great flaw of political correctness is that you cannot legislate or structure society to make boys and girls the same. They simply are not. A just society can guarantee a reasonable level of equal opportunity, but not entirely eradicate difference.

Attempts to do so have two predictable similarities: They are almost always the concepts of the political left – as is our current political correctness – and they always fail. It is no coincidence that gender neutrality is standard operating procedure for the authoritarian left (but I repeat myself) in such places as China and Russia. A totalitarian regime can make people dress the same, but they cannot make men and women be the same.

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The other problem with modern political correctness is that it is hypocritical and dishonest. It places political definitions above biological and psychological realities.

We examine one example as current as the next news report on the possible firing of Special Counsel Robert Mueller. There was a flutter of left-wing hypertension when White House Chief of Staff John Kelly was reported to have said that women are more emotional than men. For the political port-siders, this was pure sexism, misogyny, male chauvinism. This despite the fact that the emotional variance between men and women has been recognized by the medical and scientific communities at least since Lizzie Borden took an ax and gave her father forty whacks.

The hypocrisy arises when you hear feminists’ full-bore attack on masculinity. The media market is filled with explanations as to why the male gene and personality are destructive forces in society. All the exaggerated ills of American society are laid in the bulging lap of the guys. Young men are led to believe that they are some sort of Neanderthal if they do not “get in touch with their feminine side.”

In a faux program of gender equalization, we are told that separate bathrooms are not only unnecessary but destructive to the fabric of an enlightened society. Personally, I thought that not sharing the unpleasant sights, smells and sounds of toiletry has been a pretty good concept.

We saw the breakdown of gender separation when women started reporting on sports and were disadvantaged by the men getting locker room interviews. In that case, the women were right to protest. However, I am not sure giving them access to the locker room was the proper response. Why are any reporters interviewing in the locker rooms? There are ample places and opportunities to conduct interviews with players wearing more than towels – if even that. We never see politicians, business leaders or celebrities interviewed in the nude – not even Stormy Daniels or her attorney.

Now cometh the Boy Scouts of America. The organization has groomed young men for leadership for 108 years. In recognizing that young girls could benefit from a similar program designed to meet their unique needs – and yes, they are unique – the Girl Scouts of America was founded.

After more than a century of successful operation, the boys decided to open their program to girls. While they claim that this is all about gender equality, that is patently false. Only the most ardent feminist or men who have delved too deeply into their feminine sides would see injustice in having two organizations. It is one of those cases where we should heed the admonishment not to fix something that is not broken.

The current accusations that the BSA is teaching militarism, the controversy over gay counselors and the expansion of other time-consuming options has diminished the ranks of the Scouts. The decision, while masked in high social considerations, is most likely one of economics. Open the organization to girls, and you get new members – maybe.

In consulting my feminine side for a moment, I am rather unhappy with the negative impact the BSA will have on their female counterpart – the Girl Scouts of America. It could be construed as an attack on a fine female organization.

There can be injustice in gender separation, to be sure. It was not that long ago when the National Press Club only admitted men. That is clearly unfair. As a result, the organizations found its membership declining. After opening up to women, membership soared, and it has become a very successful professional organization.

Yes, women are more emotional than men and yes, men are more aggressive than women. Yes, gender segregation has been to the disadvantage of women in many areas. BUT, there are times and places that we should be able to exercise the need or desire for separation. There are just times that both men and woman like to huddle together. That is also a civil right. Too bad the Boy Scouts of America failed to recognize that human nature.

(As I composed this column, I kept in mind that age-old question. What is mightier than the sword? The PEN IS!)

About Author

Larry Horist

Larry Horist

Larry Horist is a conservative activist with an extensive background in economics, public policy and politics. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman, as well as the White House. He has testified as an expert witness before legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress, and lectured at major colleges and universities. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He can be reached at lph@thomasandjoyce.com.

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  1. Eric
    Eric May 14, 11:16

    The last two paragraphs are pretty good. Some of the first ones, not so much. Personally I am ambivalent at best about the new organization Scouts BSA. But here is the bottom line. White men, such as myself, brought this on ourselves by having to be dragged kicking and screaming to the realization that us being in charge of everything with no recourse for anyone not white and male was NOT the epitome of fairness.

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    • Bugsy
      Bugsy May 14, 12:26

      I don’t even understand what you’re trying to say here…..your comment makes no sense and is irrelevant to the subject of this article. It reeks of “victimization”….it’s “white men’s fault” again? Wow….

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      • Real Women Don't Need Feminism
        Real Women Don't Need Feminism May 14, 19:44

        I agree with Bugsy and I’m a woman.

        What men should have been having for a “realization” was that they were and still are being “dragged” into a scenario where they, as an entire gender, are painted as the villains of a radical leftist movement.

        What you also should be having for a “realization” is that it’s time to fight back. Now.

        Even if I did agree with Eric’s supposition that men were “in charge of everything” (any smart woman will tell you that is nonsense), emasculation of more than half the world’s population will not make anything “fair” or equitable.

        You can certainly allow yourself to be victim, but I think you might find it more preferable to be a MAN.

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    • C R
      C R May 14, 12:37

      And I’m sure, Eric, that you, whenever possible, vote for anyone who is NOT white or male. Such a good liberal boy.

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  2. Elder
    Elder May 14, 11:29

    Elder George · U.S. Merchant Marine Academy
    Equality does not mean sameness. I don’t get pregnant — I create pregnancies. My mental, physical, and emotional makeup are geared to that function and taking care of the result of the pregnancy. Women get pregnant and produce children. Their mental, physical,, and emotional makeup are geared to that function and nurturing what they had produced. That is the inter-relationship of men and women and of the masculine and feminine principle.
    We were not designed to be interchangeable widgets in a production machine.
    Men provide the environment and means for women to bring forth life and nurture it as humankind proceeds on its spiritual journey.
    Boy scouts and girl scouts should be developed to better fulfill their respective purposes and contributions to society.
    For those who have interest you can learn more about the universal principle of gender and its effect on our lives at http://www.mensaction.net.

    Elder George

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  3. Bill
    Bill May 14, 12:16

    I am a member of the Boy Scouts of America. I have been a leader for over 14 years.Now I am done. First it was ok to have gay scouts. Second gay leaders and now mix girls but segregate them into separate entities within the pack and troops. All of this for two issue. Money and political correctness. Men have been emasculated for the last 20 years and this was the only place boys had a shot of staying boys. I am done. While it is ok for the Girl Scouts to not allow men it is not ok for the former Boy Scouts. I am done The system has been gutted by the left liberal view. too bad out institutions cave so quickly. I guess its the emasculation of all men that is more important. My prediction is the Boys Scouts will cease to exist in 5 years.

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    • A Texan
      A Texan May 14, 23:30

      I’ve also been a BSA leader for many years and I concur. What also seems to be missing from the discussion is we are not dealing with adults. We are dealing with adolescent boys mostly ages 12-14. Leaders have enough trouble with adolescent behavior and mischief without introducing gays and girls into the mix. Scouts is not a classroom setting. The primary activity is overnight camping.

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  4. gaily ann
    gaily ann May 14, 12:59

    what ever happened to good old fashion sence. i as a women do not want to use the same bathroom as a man nor do i want the freedom to do everything men do i can birth a baby . a man cannot i have monthly periods a man does not so you see men and women are really different lets keep it that way woemn should do there own thing and men do there thing

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  5. Jb
    Jb May 14, 23:09

    Just another example of the feminization of America. Men and Women good thought process.

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  6. kbhret
    kbhret May 14, 23:37

    The Boy Scouts, or whatever they are, have lost over half a million scouts in just over a week.
    So leftists would consider this a victory and a success!!!!
    SAD that white men won’t stand up to this crap!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • Mojo
      Mojo May 15, 08:57

      The half million being Mormon Scouts. The LDS Church was prepared to accept the rulings on gay boys and leaders, but not girls. Their policy is that women are inferior to men and should not be taught leadership.

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      • thinkr2
        thinkr2 February 01, 18:42

        Uh, the girls are leaders in their Young Women organization and their leaders are adult women.

        You don’t know what you are talking about.

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  7. Mojo
    Mojo May 15, 08:54

    As Christian conservative woman, I disagree with your opinion that the GSA is a fine organization. It used to be. Now it is run by leftist atheist lesbians who have changed the program to “fulfill each girl’s potential”, not to serve the community, God and others. I was a Girl Scout myself, later a GSA leader for my daughter, and a Cub Scout leader for my son. BSA teaches leadership and service to God and Country, GSA does not. I wouldn’t dream of encouraging my granddaughter to be a Girl Scout. If BSA keeps the girls and boys units separate, I am in favor of offering this superior program to girls.

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    • thinkr2
      thinkr2 February 01, 18:46

      I would only expand your description of the GSA program to “fulfill each girl’s potential” to add “as a leftist atheist lesbian.”

      So much for perpetuation of the species.

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  8. Gloutique Fashion
    Gloutique Fashion September 16, 14:10

    “I firmly believe that with the right footwear one can rule the world.” —Bette Midler

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