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NBC’s Breaking News on Cohen wiretap “Wrong Again”

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NBC’s Breaking News on Cohen wiretap “Wrong Again”

NBC’s Breaking News on Cohen wiretap “Wrong Again”
May 08
15:24 2018

If you were unlucky enough to be tuning into NBC news last Thursday, then you no doubt witnessed breathless news anchors drunk off their own breaking news headline: ”FEDS TAPPED TRUMP LAWYER MICHAEL COHEN’S PHONES!”

The stunning news sent shockwaves across the political landscape and was immediately picked up by other media outlets around the country. Within minutes of the “shocking announcement,” CNN, MSNBC, and other leftwing outlets began creating their own biased and colorful spin on the story.

Before the sun reached its daily high, the rabid press had Michael Cohen convicted as a felon – perhaps even deserving of the “10-Most Wanted” list.

Sadly for the Dems, it was all one big mistake – and those “sources” cited proved to me as phony as NBC itself! Worst of all, the bogus scoop wasn’t retracted until much later in the day. This drew the ire of the president early Friday morning when he blasted NBC as “wrong again!” Adding: “NBC NEWS is wrong again! They cite ‘sources’ which are constantly wrong. Problem is, like so many others, the sources probably don’t exist, they are fabricated, fiction! NBC, my former home with the Apprentice, is now as bad as Fake News CNN. Sad!”

The apparent confusion by NBC can best be summed up as lazy and at times incompetent reporting. Perhaps inspired by progressive orthodoxy, muddling facts to achieve a certain outcome has become the norm.

As revealed late in the day,  FBI agents were merely logging phone numbers, not listening in to conversations. There is a major legal difference between the two actions.

Investigators explained that they used a device called a dialed number recorder (DNR) on at least one of Cohen’s phones, which records the numbers dialed from the given phone, and also the length of the call.

The larger issue isn’t that a media news outlet got a story wrong. The problem is the number of bogus and fabricated news reports coming out daily from a once respected industry dubbed the “4th Estate.”  The news media was once considered the “watch-dog” of government because they belonged to no political party or institution. Those days no longer exist.

NBC’s Cohen saga is simply another fake story created by a hateful press. Luckily for America, you can still find real news right here at DimWit Politics.

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  1. Fred
    Fred May 09, 12:00

    What would be a potential basis for even a DNR? Mr. Cohen is certainly a terrorist or in organized crime. It could only be to get a lead on his contacts and then to assume (guess) the content of any discussions. I “guess” they could want to know his favorite pizza joint.

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  2. Fred
    Fred May 09, 12:06

    When the tongue or the pen is let loose in a frenzy of passion, it is the man, and not the subject, that becomes exhausted. Thomas Paine

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  3. czhus
    czhus May 09, 17:46

    We have a problem in this country. You have people in colleges that lean far left teaching reporters that this is the way to report news. It has been getting worst as the years go by. When I was young we had left leaning reporters but they kept that out of the story.

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  4. Rodney
    Rodney May 09, 20:53

    This article is the phony news that’s not what MSNBC said

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    • Cyndy
      Cyndy May 12, 13:44

      Apparently you didn’t actually READ this article. It said nothing about what MSNBC actually said about it, just that they along with the other liberal media grabbed the story and ran with it instead of doing any real investigating before they started blabbing it.

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