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What Democrats and Republicans Have in Common

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What Democrats and Republicans Have in Common

What Democrats and Republicans Have in Common
May 02
16:04 2018

Do you know what Republicans and Democrats have in common? They couldn’t care less about you.

If you’re the kind of person who wears donkey or elephant lapels, cries or cheers on election nights, and receives a sense of civic pride when voting – you’re probably already 50 percent in agreement with my assessment. Allow me, if you will, to take you the rest of the way.

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Since 1979, something very interesting has started occurring in America: It’s called necrosis, the state of  dying. Despite real GDP growth increasing 149 percent and net productivity growth of 64 percent since 1979, wages have almost completely stagnated. To put it another way, while companies are making more money and you’re working harder and longer, you’re not receiving any benefits.

Sorry, Democrats, you’ve had power for 20 of those 40 years and did nothing to influence the trend. We’re starting to believe all the talk about caring about workers might just be a ploy to get votes. And really, can you stop pretending to care about the poor community while you’re actively replacing them in the workforce with illegal immigrants? It’s a tad distasteful.

I see you snickering over there, Republicans. With all the talk about companies investing their tax breaks back into their companies to create jobs, you would think such a phenomenon was a common occurrence. Yes, yes, we all heard about AT&T – every damn day for a month. The truth is, even according to the White House, only 18 companies in the S&P 500 responded to the tax overhaul by raising wages, handing out bonuses or improving employee benefits. More often than not, companies simply used the money to boost their own stocks – which you can’t afford because you’re too busy being fooled into thinking you’re a day away from being a millionaire.

In October 1979, average hourly earnings stood at $6.51 or $21.20 in 2015 dollars. In October 2015, average hourly earnings stood at $21.18 – slightly below the inflation adjusted 1979 level.

In addition to making less than you would have in 1979, costs of many goods and services have increased at a far greater rate than your income.

In 1980 a new house cost $68,714.00. In March of 2018, the average price is $369,900.

The average annual health care spending (not just insurance premiums) per capita in 1980 was $1,110. That number is currently well over $10,000.

According to Thinkproject.org, the “average tuition at private 4-year colleges nearly tripled in a generation, increasing from $9,500 in the 1980 academic year to $27,300 in 2010.”

So, put simply, the costs of most necessities have spiked hundreds of percentage points. The only thing that has stayed the same – or declined – is your wage.

Life is too short to spend it fooled by hucksters of any political persuasion. Keep a close eye on anyone telling you their party is the party of change.

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Sean Gibbons

Sean Gibbons

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  1. Elle
    Elle May 03, 10:09

    Whwn Ike was on office, the roch were appropriately taxed at 92 % – the infrastructure was maintained, housing lians made h9me ownership available, and today all politicians,l8be their pockets. Let’s cut their wages, healthcare and perks.

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  2. Ree
    Ree May 03, 10:30

    I agree!
    Abolish All Political Party’s! Abolish All campaign funding!
    One Vote per Citizen. Truly would be a free Election.

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  3. FDR II
    FDR II May 03, 11:05

    This is what you get when both parties sell out to the special interests. The key fault is the need for money in politics. Whoever can supply it to the politicians gets the party favors. We truly need public financing of elections, combined with very short campaigns that include free media time to make their case. Here’s a secret: Politicians hate money raising too, and probably in their hearts would favor this scheme. Now how do we get it done?

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  4. Dina
    Dina May 03, 12:21

    I agree. We are no longer a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. The self-serving and corruption in Washington defies belief. They don’t enter government to help the people, they do it for the power and money. They lie, cheat, and steal. Our wants and needs are incidental.There is no middle class anymore. We have been taxed and beaten into obscurity and they’re not finished yet. The Pretender to the thrown in the White House wants to privatize the VA, Medicare, Medicaid, and the Post Office, despite the fact that privitizing the prison system has been a dismal failure. He and his cabinet are spending our money like water. He has set back environmental protection 100 years. He is systematically and intentionally destroying any and all progress made by President Obama. His duties consist of tweeting and playing golf at Mar Lago. He knows nothing about anything except cheating his workers out of money by refusing to pay the. His answer when he asks to be paid is “Sue me.” He has had 1500 law suits in 3 years. We now know Trump University was a farce and a cash cow, and that he siphoned $250 million dollar from it to pay his legal fees. Since he was negotiating the building of a hotel and golf course in Russia, he absolutely knew Putin before the election. There is irrefutable proof of collusion. In a supposed free country, why is The Pretender lauding dectators like Putin and Kim Jong-Un. He is putting the entire safety of our Asian allies and the Pacific Rim in jeopardy because he knows nothing about politics and does only what he is told to do by the republican party or he perceives as a “good deal,” even if he’s endangering our peace and stability. He will down in history as the world’s greatest con man because he conned his way into the White House. It will take decades the undo the harm he is doing to this country. If he wants to drain the swamp in Washington, he needs to start with himself. Unfortunately, we are Republic, even though we call ourselves a Democracy. If we we’re a Democracy, we would elect our President by popular vote, not the electoral college, which is 200 years out of date. Why is everything written and exposed about him fake news? We have his own voice on tape bashing and degrading women and it’s still fake news. Every day I thank God for this country and say God Bless America. Now I pray God help America.

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  5. Terryed
    Terryed May 03, 12:27

    I am afraid that you leave out an important point. Wages for people who prepared themselves for life through education have increased. Also, people who take the time to learn about money and devise different forms of income are doing just fine. I have over 50 employees. I am sad to say that the cultural difference between employees now and 20-35 years agonía astounding. The entitlement is ridiculous, the work ethic has to be taught in what is too late a time in their generation’s life. Their expectations are unreasonable being that millennials care mainly about themselves in a way I have never seen before and expect everything but offer very little. Tardiness, carelessness, chagrined, all should be acceptable because they showed up to work. No government in history can provide its citizens with an above average lifestyle. That has to be strived for, and striving is a foreign concept to those of the past 1-1/2 generations who have been rewarded their entire lives for doing nothing really spectacular, but got the trophy just like everyone else. They are ill prepared to compete and whine about it. Sorry, as much as I agree that neither party cares, individuals need to care and work and strive to achieve wealth. Two jobs, longer hours, whatever it takes. I don’t feel sorry for people who complain about their wage if they are not willing to perform better and work harder. You are only as valuable as how easily you can be replaced. So become irreplaceable.

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    • Johnny
      Johnny May 03, 15:29

      so America only works for those who put themselves in hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of student debt? What a great point you make…

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      • semcrae
        semcrae May 06, 23:04

        Go to a less expensive college or learn a trade! Point is get off your ass, have some work ethic and some pride. Stop texting, facebooking, watching mindless tv shows and listening to obscene music from psychotics.

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    • Rochesternative
      Rochesternative May 04, 10:55

      Part of the problem, besides the entitlement that I will agree is off the charts, is that kids can’t get a “real job” until they are almost to old to learn that work ethic, and then they are making SO MUCH money, that they don’t have to struggle. My oldest son, is 22 and makes 11.75 rolling tacos at Taco Bell. He works 20 hours a week, and between him and a roomate they “survive”. but there is no desire for the finer things of life it is “good enough” why work more hours?

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  6. Doc
    Doc May 03, 13:49

    This article is 100% correct. The core of the matter is plain and simple: There is only one party and it is the communist party. People are being duped in believing there are two parties: Republican and Democrat, absolutely not true. Both parties have been infiltrated by global communists and Marxists along with government agencies, media, all of academia, and corporate America. People do not want to believe it but it IS the REAL TRUTH. The mission is to collapse the USA, capitalism, free market, Christian culture, destroy the US Constitution and Bill of Rights which all stand in the way of realizing a One World New Order Government (no borders), one world leader, and a one world religion. Funding for this comes from Islamic and socialists/communist countries (including EU), The Vatican, Jesuits, Freemasons, George Soros types, and many others. The communists and Islam ideology share the same goal to take control of the world and share the same enemies: Christians and Jews. Right now there is a secret war on Christians world-wide, including right here in the USA.

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    • DocS
      DocS May 07, 23:32

      I wrote re: another article, that my nickname would be Doc. I am NOT this “Doc.” So, see if “DocS” is still available. Otherwise, I’m off the list.
      Thank you

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  7. Suzan Overley
    Suzan Overley June 20, 10:53

    i like this very much. i like music festival

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