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Colin Kaepernick: America’s Most Hated Quarterback

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Colin Kaepernick: America’s Most Hated Quarterback

Colin Kaepernick: America’s Most Hated Quarterback
April 25
14:57 2018

The title should say “would-be quarterback,” since the chances of returning to the game diminish every time Colin Kaepernick steps into the national spotlight. This time it was his acceptance speech at a ceremony in which Amnesty International designated Kaepernick as their Ambassador of Conscience – whatever the hell that is.

To put this “honor” in its proper perspective, you need to understand that Amnesty International, which bills itself as the defender of human rights across the globe, is one of those hardcore left-wing international groups in which the members hate America even more than they hate human rights violations. They preposterously place America at the same level as such real human rights violators as North Korea, Iran or Syria.

You would think that with all those nations murdering large segments of their populations — denying rights to women, committing genocide and carrying out “honor” killings — they could find some real heroes fighting against real human rights atrocities. But no! The desire to defame America for political reasons is a much stronger compulsion than doing good work.

In pursuit of their anti-American goal, Amnesty International has found their useful idiot in the person of Colin Kaepernick. In return for the global recognition of the radical left, the former San Francisco 49er quarterback is more than willing to trash his homeland in the most severe and dishonest manner.

In his acceptance speech, Kaepernick describes “the land of the free and the home of the brave” in terms that might be better assessed to any number of third world countries. Playing to his audience, he smeared his homeland and slandered its people, saying:

“Racialized oppression and dehumanization is woven into the very fabric of our nation — the effects of which can be seen in the lawful lynching of black and brown people by the police, and the mass incarceration of black and brown lives in the prison industrial complex.”

He went on to say:

“How can you stand for the national anthem of a nation that preaches and propagates, ‘freedom and justice for all, that is so unjust to so many of the people living there?”

Apparently, Kaepernick had not read my earlier commentary, “America Ain’t Racist” (Punching Bag Post, Sept 8, 2017). If he had, he would know that while racism does exist, just as bank robbery exists, it is not characteristic of the American people. If Kaepernick really lived in the type of country he describes, he would never have had the freedom he now abuses.

In proffering his exaggerated and largely mendacious view of America at such an adversarial international forum, Kaepernick betrays his country. He surrenders any credentials he might have had as an activist for social justice. He has become a spokesperson for anti-American propaganda.

Ironically, as an American and a conservative, I fully respect and endorse Kaepernick’s right to express his opinions for whatever reasons. I just reserve my right to call him out for spreading propaganda under the false flag of patriotism. He appears to operate more from love of self than love of country.

Judging from his latest remarks, you can rest assured that Kaepernick is no ambassador of goodwill for the United States. I suspect that this will make it a lot more difficult for him to get back in the game of football. He and the left may acclaim his courage, but I think of it more as stupidity – both of the realities of American culture and the beneficence of his activism.

NFL players are hired for their talent and their box office draw – getting fans to purchase those high-priced tickets. Kaepernick may have talent on the field, but he has more than destroyed his box office appeal. He has made himself toxic to fans. It is more than likely that any team that would sign Kaepernick will suffer a loss of fans across the board – on television and in the stands. That is how Americans will express there right to protest against a corrupted protestor. That is what is great about America.

About Author

Larry Horist

Larry Horist

Larry Horist is a conservative activist with an extensive background in economics, public policy and politics. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman, as well as the White House. He has testified as an expert witness before legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress, and lectured at major colleges and universities. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He can be reached at lph@thomasandjoyce.com.

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  1. C. L.
    C. L. April 26, 14:43

    Great write. Not just Kaepernick has ruined his career but many others on other teams have let this country down. The owners and the NFL could have put a stop in the beginning of them kneeling instead they let it boil over. My Dad was a WWII vet and I was and am appalled when anyone sits or kneels during the anthem… those in wheelchairs that have gotten there because of war would give anything to be able to stand for the anthem and I’m sure it hurts them to the core when players kneel.. Its just plain disrespectful!

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    • Cary
      Cary April 26, 20:36

      White man’s opinion. He isn’t hated those are your and your readers views. He is an American man standing up for what he believes. Black men being killed by law enforcers at an unacceptable rate. Standing for something is greater than being a quarterback to entertain fans. I hear you saying WHITE man step and fetch, so one can get a good review from you. Go to hell. He is a hero.

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      • WAH
        WAH April 27, 00:33

        1st, it is not the police that put black and brown people in prison. it is a jury of their peers that live in that same area where the crime was committed.

        2nd, Kapernick is a racist. He is a racist because he only points out the number of black and brown people in prison. He not once mentions taking a look at the reason they are in prison, he not once has said take a look at this person convicted by “Their Peers” as being guilty, and look at how innocent he or she is.

        3rd, I want Kapernick to answer this question. Do you think Bill Cosby is guilty or innocent?

        If you believe he is guilty, keep in mind, you just look at numbers. Should Bill Cosby be set free? or serve time in prison?

        Which one Kapernick?
        Remember your numbers, don’t look at whether a person is guilty or innocent. Only look at the color of their skin, and the numbers.

        Yes, Kapernick. We hear you, we hear you loud and clear. You want to get rid of racism, I have a Great Idea Kapernick. Get on a plane and leave the country you racist.

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      • Patriot
        Patriot April 27, 23:03

        That is my opinion! If you can’t stand up for our country and the veterans who put their lives on the line you are a coward! There are other ways to get ones point across other than defiling what thousands lost their lives for. It’s the Colin Kaepernicks and all who take a knee are cowards. And you and every other coward can go to hell with them. Most of the blacks (not all) but most that were killed refused to obey law enforcement and fought with them.

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      • Nicki
        Nicki April 28, 19:31

        Why are you bringing up race? You don’t even know C.L.’s race. Most black veterans share C.L.’s views so he could be black or white. Besides, what difference does it make. The number of black men being killed by police is insignificant to the number of black men being killed by black men. If he really wanted to be a hero, maybe he could address that problem. Or maybe he could condemn the killing of hundreds of thousands of black unborn children by their black mothers every year. Kaepernick is obviously not a believer in Black Lives Matter. And it is a shame because he could be an advocate for black lives. But he chose to dis the veterans, black and white, who died so he could push his self interest agenda. He is just another idiot.

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      • Dutch
        Dutch April 29, 00:00

        If you’d do as you are instructed and stop fighting, or running, or taking a stance with a cell phone like your holding a gun, then you might not get shot. If you stop breaking the law, you might not have to deal with the police.
        Blacks make up 13.5 percent of the population yet are committing over 70 percent of the crimes. That’s not profiling that is fact.
        I am white and in my youth was beat up by the police in Dallas and New Orleans, I was cussing them and asked for it. No, I am well enough off now at 62 years old, I was a big time NFL Fan since the days of France Trakington, Roger Staubach, Joe Nameith and watched every Super Bowl since number 1 except these last 2. I have boycotted the NFL and will not watch another game or spend another dime at any stadium or wear, buy or promote any team merchandise. The owners could have stopped all unpatriotic stupidity. I am waiting on the new XFL, comming soon. As for all those who say they are being judged by the color of their sky, all I will say is, “How about you exit the stolen vehicle and hand over the gun and we’ll talk about it!”

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    • FDRII
      FDRII April 27, 10:44

      The flag is just a piece of cloth and the anthem just a song. What really counts are the values they represent. When you condemn free speech and expression,which K has practiced here, all the standing for the symbols means nothing.

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  2. Cary
    Cary April 26, 15:25

    White man’s opinion. He isn’t hated those are your and your readers views. He is an American man standing up for what he believes. Black men being killed by law enforcers at an unacceptable rate. Standing for something is greater than being a quarterback to entertain fans. I hear you saying WHITE man step and fetch, so one can get a good review from you. Go to hell. He is a hero.

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  3. Me
    Me April 26, 16:17

    Kapernick’s Jersey sold out AFTER his protests. America IS racist and that’s why Mr. K isn’t working now. That’s why jails,ghettos and foster care filled with black people. Your are clearly in DENIAL.

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  4. Lou
    Lou April 26, 20:45

    You and your dad truly need another sport. Many dads and mom’s are vets, and ate not offended by KP out of respect he kneels. He began kneeling for Black lives, not to disrespect the flag. Know tour history that flag wasn’t ever meant for a black man, who served in separate quarters and treated like animals, and he continues to kneel out of respect. We kneel before JESUS. Clearly the idiot who wrote this article has your number. SHUT mine too. Trying to get free idiots to hear the hearts of people born to fail is like kicking a ball uphill and pretending gravity isn’t real.

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  5. Richard
    Richard April 26, 22:12

    I’m sorry, I disagree with just about everything your article stated. I believe you used your platform to express your views, as did he. At the very least you are are a hypocrite, and at the most, a racist who can spout off on a subject that there is NO WAY you could possibly fully understand. There is no law in the US, or rule in the NFL that requires anyone to stand for the National Anthem. There is a shining thread of racism running through this country now, and it is apparently okay to have racist rallies and a racist viewpoint now that our current president has expressed similar views. This won’t end until it is addressed and I believe his actions have drug this ugliness out of the shadows into the light. I believe that is why I believe you are so upset over his actions.
    PS: I can’t, in good conciousness, accept your self-label of a “conservative” as I see nothing you are trying to conserve, unless it is the status quo of putting down all minorities.

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  6. Janis
    Janis April 27, 12:42

    Dear Mr. Horist: Have you read the third stanza of our National Anthem. It is as follows:”And where is that band who so vauntingly swore,
    That the havoc of war and the battle’s confusion
    A home and a Country should leave us no more?
    Their blood has wash’d out their foul footstep’s pollution.
    No refuge could save the hireling and slave
    From the terror of flight or the gloom of the grave,
    And the star-spangled banner in triumph doth wave
    O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.”
    Who do you suppose “Their blood has wash’d out their foul footstep’s pollution.
    No refuge could save the hireling and slave”, was referring to? Do you think that perhaps anyone in this country of slave defendants should think twice about this anthem? They were not the free referred to in this song.
    You should walk a mile in the moccasins of others before making such scathing comments.
    You should support this young man who is and has been living with the injustice of racism,DAILY. It is a very costly, non violent potest for him, but he is clearly putting his money where his mouth is.
    Look at the man in your mirror and ask God to help him do (and say) the righteous thing.
    Sincerely, Janis

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    • Dutch
      Dutch April 29, 00:25

      Don’t break the law, do as your instructed, you won’t get shot. Society suckin entitlements abusing SOB wanting something for nothing. I never owned a slave you never picked cotton get over it. White people were slaves too. There are still slaves in the world today. So if you don’t like it here Get the F out

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  7. Marg
    Marg April 27, 14:25

    When Colin took a knee on TV during the football season I stopped watching football for the season and may not watch again… The amount of money to buy a ticket to a game and the $ amount the players are paid,,, they can show respect to the American Flag in a country they did nothing to protect like our service men and women did for years…. Shame on you Kapernick for running the NFL.

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  8. g
    g April 27, 14:28

    Regarding the comment “Whatever the hell that is…” regarding the award for conscience…it seems that the writer is referring to “conscience”…a concept that even the president has a hard time with.

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  9. Cetcivic
    Cetcivic April 27, 21:07

    This article is a crock of shit. A racist rant with a tinge of white exceptionalism. Puke

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  10. DUTCH
    DUTCH April 29, 00:15

    Truth be told, if you just do as you are instructed by the police, Stop fighting, running, or taking a stance holding a cell phone like a gun, you might not get shot. If you stop breaking the law you might not have as much interaction with law enforcement. Blacks make up 13.5 percent of the population yet are committing over 70 of the crime. If you took responsibility for your action and stop blaming “Whitey” for your poor life choices you might do better.
    I was a huge NFL fan since the 1960s, watched every Super Bowl except the last 2. I will not watch another or spend a single dime watching the National Football League ever again. I am waiting on the new XFL, the NFL can go bankrupt you unpatriotic SOBs. The ownersame could have stopped the BS.
    As far as profiling, it is not profiling if it’s true. Plus: as for the police pulling you over because of the color of your skin, all I can say is, “How about you exit the stolen vehicle and hand over the gun and we’ll talk about it!”

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  11. DUTCH
    DUTCH April 29, 00:27

    Foster care is filled with black kids because they’re trouble. Look, Blacks make up 13.5 percent of the population yet are committing over 70 percent of the violent crimes. Average black IQ is 85 legally retarded is 75 Average White IQ is 105, Asian IQ is 107. Not trying to hurt anyones feelings but facts are 1 in 4 Blacks you interact with are basically legally retarded. That causes a lot of problems in its self. Because you don’t have the brains to hold a high paying job you blame Whitey because he does. No, if you stop breaking the law, when approached by law enforcement do as your told, you’d not get shot. Simple but above to many of you all soon heads.

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  12. asiameavn
    asiameavn July 18, 02:05

    Trump alerts regarding ‘Major Contoflict’ in case if describe northern suffer a loss Korea

    boss acknowledged and service fun was a last resort.

    Is any chances that we’re able to result in making use of a major, principal struggle by way of north Korea. Absolutely, Trump claimed in a discussion who have Reuters. Love to fix belongings diplomatically, on the quite difficult. He highly regarded president Xi Jinping to produce pressing north Korea china’s websites neighbor and / or best friend revealing the main chinese language program commander appears to be very difficult. ruffled duck down combined with columbia in an interview with state the country should probably acquire a protection system remaining installed on the nation’s garden soil, as unhealthy in which to discard a bilateral vocation struggle. country specific safeguards market leaders recently emphasised income supports and simply diplomacy to steer to the north Korea to take apart your atomic weapons bomb ballistic plans. is really raising her uniform awareness AsiaME with a private jet provider conflict company and after that sub the way it renders undo choosing remarkable first up against kim Jong united nations program. federal government might be bluffing, Andrei Lankov, a history professor during Kookmof university Seoul. usually are basically enterprise what north of manchester Koreans happen to be for decades moreover saber rattling pectoral pumping. the main focus not really northern Korea yet offshore. shown the Trump management was going to get the far east these firms challenged period of time considering full blown combat or undermining the north thai economic climate, Which might trigger unrest. is complete with practiced how to hang out gaming titles using betty Jong not, he was quoted saying.

    idea an ancient Republican presidential nominee who continues to be genuine involved with Trump on a arena issues, informed Bloomberg where Trump came receptive to the potential for loss on the preemptive struck on the subject of asiaME northern Korea. He specified it is likely that a retaliatory artillery breach for towards the south mandarin chinese main town. hottest off-shore leader, Admiral Harry Harris, claimed prior to a flexible solar panel. are visiting virtually option and the latter and minimal attractive option is also equipped mismatch. white colored casino briefing for the entire chair for economic council early on the inside week didn provide any additional details about the North Korea incident than might have been freely said there was an, Democratic Senator jason Merkley within oregon revealed to MSNBC Friday.

    they start to doing to is very much beating the combat drum simply to needing to translate that many within to china requesting pressure to finish the nuclear put in northern Korea, Merkley said.

    driving PeaceChinese unfamiliar Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang shared with correspondents Friday that many normal gardening to organic in addition to the meeting have been completely really ways to resolve the atomic factor for Korea Peninsula. the challenge quietly is something else every single pertaining AsiaME.COM companies provide in accordance, Geng thought which has a briefpresent ing Beijg.

    Trump pronounced he educated the philipines that in the home,it whenever they got the Thaad missile force-shield that could intercept nearly any panic starting from north Korea. the philipines a good defense ministry replied in a statement that it’ll only current land and comforts the particular deployment and function of the machine considering that advised.

    Merkley stated that feels completely an inappropriate time of truth for Trump to stay writing about scrapping a invest attend to mexico and consequently shopping that usa to pay the missile pc.

    india towards our business make had made application for the routine habits it doesn’t more completely atomic test, said. informed by the chinese language courses the fact that they enlightened the routine that as long as they do you think transact one additional nuclear test, asia could possibly snapping supports proceedings themselves. simple and easy ones different ministry spokesman, Deflected questions on Tillerson comments, nevertheless china based websites other if you want to nuclear laboratory tests became spelled out in the protection authorities final choice it supported. tiongkok banned from the game coal imports by means of to the north Korea this guidance year and the global particular times, A nationalist report connected with Communist occasion, warned recently any another nuclear test would likely fast lubricate curbs. the position on the inside thai peninsula declines, connections between two foreign territories will probably add to weaken, the global era explained any article Friday. should to ready again when considering unfavorable exercises by way of northern Korea. Reiterated generally Trump white house wants to to the north Korea notion that it must atomic firearms assure its your survival. were already obvious and we don’t try program enhancements made on north Korea, he was quoted saying.

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