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Tent Cities for the Homeless? Only on the West Coast

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Tent Cities for the Homeless? Only on the West Coast

Tent Cities for the Homeless? Only on the West Coast
April 13
13:21 2018

We always hear from progressives that the states on the West Coast do things right. I mean, wouldn’t decades of leftist policies create the utopia of which the Democrats dream?

Since 2015, Seattle has been under a “state of emergency” due to the growing homeless population, as declared by the former Mayor Ed Murray.

Between 2015 and the end of 2017, the homeless population in Seattle spiked by 40%.

“We’re in kind of a perverse competition with San Francisco,” said Daniel Malone, the executive director of Downtown Emergency Service Center, an advocacy group in downtown Seattle to the Standard.

Seattle’s homeless have set up camp in several pockets of the city, many of which are close to extremely wealthy areas.

One of these encampment areas is known as mega tent “mansion.”

“If you can live on the street and not pay rent, then why would you pay rent?” said a “resident’ of the homeless encampment.

This encampment is located just a block from multi-million dollar condos in a high-rise building and the Space Needle.

When forced to move from an encampment, most of the homeless people set-up camp elsewhere and start a new home project at many of the others in the city.

“We’ve got the doors, the couch, the table,” said Melissa Burns, who lives in a Seattle homeless encampment to Q13 News. “We’ve got the living room here, which is a mess right now because we’re still constructing, but we’re putting up the vinyl to cover it up, make it more attractive.”

Residents think the “mansion” encampment is an eyesore, while the dwellers believe they are making a statement.

“It is a form of protest. We’re staking a claim. We’re refusing to cower in our tents,” said Burns to Q13 News. “Some people are cheering us on, and some people are really angry about it.”

Even with the camp’s proximity to wealthy areas, a city spokesperson said there are no immediate plans to remove it.

If Seattle took a stricter approach to cleaning up the homeless situation like Mayor Rudy Giuliani did in New York, this wouldn’t be so out of control. This is what happens with liberal mismanagement.

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  1. Peter C.
    Peter C. April 16, 12:53

    For years I thought most liberals were mentally ill. I now realize I was wrong as could be. They are all mentally ill. Having adopted the nibbler mentality of little bites never the whole pie. Let to their own demise they will get the whole pie. I now call them Nibblers.

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  2. Susie
    Susie April 23, 09:20

    WE Get all illegals out NOW, Immigrants, DACAS, and stop their aid and section 8 housing. If these people who are USA CItizens want to live on the streets instead of the newly open section 8 housing they can follow the illegals back to their countries. If you dont like our AID coming back, benefits for housing Sec.8, we do NOT need anyone any longer living on the streets and creating filth like the streets of Mexico. We will gladly give you a RIDE there. Cut off your benefits also. Its hardball now in the States and CALIFORNIA, WASHINGTON cause the USA Militia will take over if the crooked Democrats run over Trump. They will NOT be able to run over our US ARMY ready to ride and roll. So get your priorty straight people, and if you need mental assistance to help you so that you make right conditions as soon as we have 100s of Millions in AID BACK each month you will have plenty of help for addictions, mental disorders.

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  3. Janis
    Janis April 27, 13:20

    I can tell by your comment you have not experienced being disabled, having Alzheimer’s or any other condition that prevents you from living a normal life, You don’t have a clue as to what it is like to work 40 Plus hours per week and still not have enough for the basics of life. The cost of living is steadily climbing yet income is stagnant for the, ever growing, poor around you. We are all God’s children (whether you like it or not). If you say three is no God, well we just celebrated your holiday on April 1st (April Fools Day – Pam. 14:1; 53:1).
    Those million dollar bonus are coming from the mouths of the labors at the bottom of your corporations.
    But remember the story that Jesus told in Luke 16:19-31 of Lazarus and the rich man. There is a God and He is watching and recording.
    Luke 12:48b “For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required…..”
    The End Is Comming! The end of the world for you is when you die and tomorrow is not promised to any of us.
    Take a look at the man (woman) in the mirror and ask God to direct you into righteousness (doing what is right in HIS sight.

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    • Roxy
      Roxy March 27, 17:21

      As christians we will lay up our treasures in heaven where they will not rot and decay.James 5:1-… is very clear about people who put there treasures first above all else

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