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Americans, You’re Being Replaced

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Americans, You’re Being Replaced

Americans, You’re Being Replaced
April 05
17:19 2018

European culture is not normative – it’s exceptional. The concept that all people, including the king, are subject to law and equal rights under it is not common, yet that particular idea can be dated back to the plain at Runnymede, England on June 15, 1215 – when King John of England signed the revolutionary Magna Carta. Many cultures around the world have not yet reached that level.

As the years have passed, we see that many elements of our culture are not normative. Here is a rundown:

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LGBTQ Rights: In a total of 74 countries, same-sex sexual contact is a criminal offense. Not a single country with a majority European population has such a law. There are currently ten countries, all in Africa and the Middle East, that still sentence homosexuals to the death penalty.

Women’s Rights: Even in Turkey, perhaps the most western influenced country in the Middle East, only 52 percent of the population believes women have the right to dress themselves. That number drops to under 30 percent in countries like Iraq, Pakistan, and Egypt.

It is estimated that about 100 – 140 million women worldwide have undergone female genital mutilation, with an additional three million girls and women undergoing the procedure every year. FGM is prevalent in about 28 African countries and among a few minority groups in Asia.

There are even 14 countries where a man is legally allowed to beat women, and once again, not a single one has a majority European population.

Corruption: According to Transparency International, which ranks the international community by levels of government corruption, there is not a single country with a majority European population in the bottom 40.

If you ask a leftist why only countries with a majority European population have regard for human lives, their response is simple: It’s your fault. Yes, if you are of European descent, you are simply the modern incarnate of a colonial force that has caused people all around the world to abandon decency before and after the colonial era (you know a period was bad when it impacts past events).

And for our crime, we’ve been sentenced to decay, slowly necrosing away every right and belief that made our society the greatest to ever exist. We’ve been sentenced to no longer be allowed to be the very thing that makes us exceptional: being European.

The Hart–Celler Act of 1965 can be looked at as the moment our government decided they no longer wanted a European population. Previous laws restricted immigration from Asia and Africa, and gave preference to northern and western Europeans over southern and eastern Europeans.

Before 1965, the demographics of immigration stood as mostly Europeans; 68 percent of legal immigrants in the 1950s came from Europe and Canada. However, in the years 1971–1991, immigrants from Hispanic and Latin American countries made 47.9 percent of immigrants (with Mexico accounting for 23.7 percent) and immigrants from Asia 35.2 percent. Not only did it change the ethnic makeup of immigration, but it also greatly increased the number of immigrants—immigration constituted 11 percent of the total U.S. population growth between 1960 and 1970, growing to 33 percent from 1970–80, and to 39 percent from 1980–90.

Our society has been in moral and economic decline since that time. With the influx of cheap labor now replacing American workers, the average cost of living continues to rise while average income continues to stagnate. While companies reach record highs, Americans are left paying the tax burden created by corporate loop-holes and offshore investments.

In addition to being replaced by non-Europeans, the population has to pay for the new Americans. According to the Department of Commerce, 56 million of the 67 million welfare recipients in America are non-European.

In addition to taking American work and destroying the economy, crime has become a major issue that is not covered by our media. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, non-European offenders committed 52 percent of homicides recorded in the data between 1980 and 2008. Only 45 percent of the offenders were European.

Given the 53 years of complete failure, it is fair to call the leftist pushed immigration experiment a failure. Diversity has become a code word for ending European culture. If we want to “make America great again,” the cure is as simple as making sure the only new Americans share the values imparted to us through our European intellectual tradition. If a leftist pushes back against any of these points, ask them to name a country with a majority non-European population they’d raise a daughter in. They won’t respond…

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Sean Gibbons

Sean Gibbons

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  1. debbie
    debbie April 06, 08:38

    wow, you surly are a bit racist,, and im a consevative,, hispanics contribute a lot of culture, and not all of them are mexicans, a lot of them are cubans, escaping CASTRO.Cubans were allowed to have free things, because of it.

    Reply to this comment
    • legup
      legup April 06, 12:18

      RACIST? All the article does is state FACTS. There is no racism involved.

      Reply to this comment
      • James
        James April 06, 17:44

        How do you know what it states are facts? You can’t identify the author or the sources.

        Reply to this comment
      • Gord
        Gord April 07, 04:26

        Not racist? Ok, then please explain what what a “majority European population is? What do they look like? Sir, as a frozen Minnesotan, I can tell you that such people are lilly white. Mr. Gibbon seems to congratulate himself for finding a way to insert race in a way that he won’t be called out for ( see; urban dictionary “dog whistle”) I will, however, concede that he makes some valid arguments as he goes on defending traditional liberal values like diversity and women’s rights. Yes, European Christians were the first to identify and support liberal values and it was American Christians who first decided such ideas are anathema and who continue to undermine them today.

        Genetics show conclusively that races do not actually exist. But people do tend to aggregate into groups who think and act alike. Racism has killed hundreds of millions, it is true and as such, it is truly evil, but are we to deny our own personal conclusions from our own observations of groups of people and the behaviors they exhibit? We do so at our own personal peril, unfortunately. But we will do well so long as each of us has the discipline to judge all others on that one person’s singular character and not that of those he/she resembles.

        Reply to this comment
    • marlene
      marlene April 08, 15:24

      You are not a true conservative if you can’t see the facts from the liberal trees.

      Reply to this comment
  2. Dayle
    Dayle April 06, 09:16

    Good article, right on point

    Reply to this comment
  3. Eagle
    Eagle April 06, 13:25

    Agreed. So, “how” do you propose to restore the demographics of the U.S. at large to a European centric immigration majority? If you cannot take down all the transmitting stations programming for the population distributions we have today, then the problem will only get worse. A wall at the southern border is a good start, but any proactive program to reverse this “spontaneous repopulation” should include a search, identify & incarceration of all the real illegal aliens, 20,000,000 to 30,000,000 with isolation in remote camps until deportations can be administered. This population group comprises no doubt 98% non-European criminals. They are criminals because they did not stand in line at the USINS offices for legal entry if in the U.S., or worse, breached our borders illegally in mass. This step could proceed in parallel with changes to our immigration policies, and enforcement. Regretfully, none of us, only our kids, will be alive to see the changes as it will take the same amount of time to restore the European centric population as it took to destroy it; 40-50 years.

    Reply to this comment
    • Chuck
      Chuck April 06, 19:19

      Excellent logic and factual history … Painful as it is for the leftist politicians who are running our national and local politics and semi-communists who run our educational systems, from pre-kindergarten to ALL of our graduate universities. The racist title has been slathered on every Eurocentric action since at the latest 1500 A.D. and “Western” decline can be traced to that adjectives common use — and accepted as true by “us.”

      Reply to this comment
  4. Madmax
    Madmax April 06, 13:50

    Your ignorance doesn’t deserve a comment!

    Reply to this comment
  5. BillyB
    BillyB April 06, 20:42

    It is painful to watch the degenerates running and ruining our world!

    Reply to this comment
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    cash for cars sydney September 22, 17:39

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