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A World Connected by Fake News

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A World Connected by Fake News

A World Connected by Fake News
March 30
15:01 2018

Before the internet, you didn’t have many tools to learn about what was going on in the world. Sure, people had newspapers and television, but there still was a disconnect from county to county, state to state, and country to country. For instance, if a man were arrested for large-scale insurance fraud in Ohio, you probably would never have heard about it if you lived in Florida.

With our current 24 hour news cycle, you can be living in a bomb shelter on the side of a mountain in Colombia and still hear about some high school girl in Texas getting in trouble for her wardrobe.

In some ways, it’s great to have so much information funneling to you from a multitude of sources. You feel more connected and socially “aware.”

The problem is that there is almost no way to determine if that source is accurate. Pretty much anyone can write anything on the internet and not have it backed by real evidence or facts. Why? Because people not only tend to take things at face value, they also tend to believe anything that supports their own beliefs.

But some news pieces are clearly satirical, and everyone should be able to spot them, right? If your response was “well, duh” then you would be sadly mistaken. People continue to be outraged at articles published by satire columns like The Onion that are truly “fake news.” But some people just don’t get it.

And this article was no exception. People were outraged when this started circulating social media platforms – which is actually what makes it even more hysterical.

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